When Should You Start Bringing your Child to the Dentist?

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A visit to the pediatric dentist is an important part of your child’s health and care as he or she grows. Just as you check in with your pediatrician on a regular basis, so too should you start seeing your family dentist regularly. Your dentist will examine your child’s teeth, mouth, gums, jaw and more to make sure that everything is developing properly and to look for any potential problems down the line. 

But When Should You Schedule the First Visit?

The best answer to that question is to ask your pediatric dentist. She will know best when the right time to make that appointment will be and can help you determine the best timing for that visit. 

In general, you will probably want to make that appointment sooner than you think. 

The American Dental Association recommends that you take your child to visit the dentist within six months of his or her first tooth appearing or before his or her first birthday. Let those teething days and nights be a reminder to call your dentist and make that appointment. (We recommend looking for a pediatric dentist even while you are pregnant or in those early days, so it doesn’t sneak up on you.)

Why Your Child Needs to See a Dentist

As your child is teething, and only a few teeth are coming through, it might seem surprising to even think about a dental visit. Is it even worth it for a few teeth or even one? Absolutely. 

Any tooth, even just one tooth, is at risk for cavities without proper care. Visiting the dentist for a check up and cleaning is a critical part of your oral health – and one that you want to give to your child as well. 

In addition to cleaning and checking those teeth, your family dentist can also make sure that your child’s mouth and jaw are developing without any problems. Early detection and intervention, as well as just monitoring any potential issues, is an important part of taking care of your child’s dental health and overall well-being. 

What Will Happen At My Child’s First Visit?

This first visit, as with all visits, is about making your child comfortable and getting a good look at those teeth. Your child can sit in your lap if that makes him or her feel the most safe. Your pediatric dentist will have lots of tricks to help your child relax and feel great about the experience, while she examines your child’s teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. She will do a quick, but thorough, cleaning and apply some fluoride. Read more about that first visit

If your child is just cutting their first teeth or is approaching his or her first visit, now is a great time to give us a call and make that appointment. Even if your child is a little older and hasn’t been to the dentist, we get it. Life gets busy. You can call us or contact online. We will get your child on track to great oral health.

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