What exactly is a tongue or lip tie? 

Lip & Tongue Tie

Tongue ties seem to be a hot topic in parent groups these days. But, what exactly is a tongue or lip tie? There is a piece of skin that connects the lips and tongue to the rest of our mouth – for many people that skin doesn’t have any interference with daily life. However, for some this skin, known as a tie, can have serious consequences.

Most people think of lip and tongue ties affecting infants, but sometimes it goes undiagnosed until childhood or adulthood. Luckily, the treatment available can benefit all ages, from newborns through adulthood.

Symptoms of Lip or Tongue Ties in Infants

  • Difficulty latching while breastfeeding
  • Gassiness
  • Colic
  • Slow Weight Gain
  • Clicking sound on the breast or bottle

Side effects for mother of a tied infant

  • Pain for Mother while Breastfeeding
  • Engorgement, even after finishing a nursing session
  • Clogged ducts, sometimes leading to mastitis 

Symptoms & Side Effects of a Tie in Childhood and Adulthood

  • Spacing of front teeth, that may relapse even after braces
  • Gum recession in area of tie
  • Speech delays and difficulty articulating words
  • Tooth decay, due to difficulty keeping the area clean
  • Difficulty eating and increased pickiness with food textures 

What should you consider when selecting a provider for a Frenectomy?

  • Does your provider utilize scissors or a laser for the procedure? While both are proven methods, laser frenectomies have been shown to have less post-operative bleeding and faster recovery. 
  • Does your provider teach you stretches for after the procedure? Without proper exercises post-treatment, the chances of the tie reattaching are high. 
  • Does your provider base diagnosis off look, function, and the mother’s symptoms? Lip and tongue ties can be hard to see, but often show themselves in symptoms in the mother and infant. 
  • Does your provider know how to utilize both medical and dental insurance, depending on what coverage you have?
  • Does your provider have a referral source of lactation consultants and chiropractors you can utilize for additional support?

Dr. Megan and the team at Smiles Family Dentistry provide all of those things! Parenthood is hard as it is, don’t let a lip or tongue tie put a damper in you and your child’s life! 

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