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As any kids dentist, or pediatric dentist, will tell you, your child’s oral health is important from the very first tooth. Yes, those teeth will fall out someday, but baby teeth are still crucial and need to be well taken care of. Keeping those teeth healthy and strong will aid in your child’s health now and into the future. Plus, teaching them good routines from a young age will help them develop healthy habits as they grow. Practice now for a lifetime of dental health. 

What Can You Do Before Teeth Develop?

Even your baby’s cute gummy smile can be cleaned and cared for every day. Not only will you be cleaning away excess sugars and bacteria, to keep him or her healthy, but you will also be helping him or her grow accustomed to daily cleaning of those teeth, when they do come in. Use a washcloth or soft rag, dampened with a bit of water, to gently and softly wipe the gums. You don’t have to scrub them; just a gentle wipe will do. A teething infant may even enjoy chewing on the cloth a bit.

Once Those Teeth Appear

As soon as that first tooth appears, it’s time to start cleaning it. You can continue with the cloth and then start introducing the idea of brushing with a soft, infant toothbrush. Just as you were doing with the cloth, wipe gently around the tooth and gums. Again, there’s no reason to scrub hard. Regularly brushing will keep teeth healthy and strong. 

What About Toothpaste?

Once you are starting to brush teeth, you can introduce toothpaste. Look for a toothpaste made for children and use a very small amount. Think of a tiny dot, the size of rice, on the toothbrush. Guide your child in brushing this on their teeth and help them learn to do themselves as they grow. As they move into the toddler years, you can encourage them to spit out the toothpaste. Continue to use that very small amount of toothpaste, as swallowing it is inevitable. 

Avoiding Cavities in Children

Just as in adults, avoiding excess sugars and regularly brushing and caring for teeth are the best ways to avoid cavities. In addition, you’ll want to make that first kids dentist appointment, probably earlier than you think. Your kids dentist can help you spot any potential problem areas early and address them. 

Just because they will fall out some day doesn’t mean baby teeth aren’t important. They help your child eat and chew and talk and develop. They also make space for those adult teeth to come. Help your child develop lifelong habits by keeping those teeth healthy and strong now, through daily dental care. Do you need to make an appointment for your child with a kids dentist? We are here for you. Contact us here or call anytime.

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