When Do You Need a Check Up with Your Family Dentist?

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Making an appointment with your family dentist can fall to the bottom of a to-do list in an already busy schedule. When life gets hectic, oral health isn’t always top of mind. But maintaining oral health is an essential part of staying healthy overall and keeping you and your family well. 

Regularly Scheduled Appointments

You may have heard that you need to visit the dentist every six months or once or twice a year. The exact frequency depends on the patient and on your dentist’s recommendations. However, no matter the interval, the important part is that they are regular. Avoid waiting years to visit your family dentist. Make your appointments at the suggested interval. Those regular check ups will allow your dentist to remove excess tartar and plaque and get an indication of how your daily oral hygiene routine is working. She can also check for any signs of problems, such as oral cancer. This also gives you a chance to mention any pain you’ve been having and ask for recommendations, such as botox

Checking In More Frequently

The American Dental Association recommends that those with higher risks of dental disease check in with their family dentist more often. Risk factors could include habits such as smoking or diseases such as diabetes. In addition, your dentist may recommend checking in more often if you are undergoing certain treatments or after a surgery. For instance, after you have had your wisdom teeth removed, your dentist may want you to come in at certain intervals after the surgery to ensure that healing is progressing properly. 

Making It A Habit

Visiting the dentist may not always be the most pleasant experience, in your mind, although we do have some tips for making your visit more comfortable. If you tend to avoid the dentist, getting it on the calendar can be the important first step. One way to ensure that this happens is to make your next appointment while you are still in the office, at the end of your last visit. Just stop by the front desk or speak with someone in the office and let them know you’d like to make the next appointment. This will help you stay accountable while oral hygiene is on your mind. Another idea is to schedule your appointment around something memorable that happens annually, such as around the first day of school or your birthday. If you need more frequent visits, then you can schedule them based on the weeks or months proceeding. 

Your oral health is an important aspect of your well-being. Don’t neglect it. Keep those regular appointments with your family dentist, for you and your family, to ensure your smile is as bright and healthy as it can be. 

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