What Is Preventative Dentistry?

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Preventative dentistry is a term you may see used in advertising or on dentists’ websites or brochures. It’s a relatively popular term, but was does it actually mean? And how does preventative dentistry help you and your family?  To answer that question, we have to take a look at what preventative dentistry is really all about. 

It Is About You

Preventative dentistry is about you and your overall health. As your family dentist, we want you to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Your oral health is important to your dentist and preventative dentistry is about helping you achieve and keep a healthy, confident smile. It’s about making choices that are best not only for your oral health, but for your overall health as well. According to the American Dental Association, oral care routines that contribute to healthy teeth include brushing twice a day, eating a nutritious diet, and visiting your dentist regularly. 

Preventative Dentistry Is Conservative

One of the key components of preventative dentistry is a conservative approach to your oral health. We understand that visiting the dentist, as well as certain treatments and procedures, are ones you want to avoid. And often, we want to avoid them too. We want to look for the best approach to each patient’s individual situation, that brings the least discomfort and invasion with the maximum results and overall, long term health. 

This starts with the recommendations mentioned above. We’ve discussed in the past that sometimes no dentistry is the best dentistry. In other words, taking care of your teeth and taking precautions to keep yourself and your mouth healthy can keep you from visiting us too often. 

In addition, we look for every opportunity to provide careful, limited treatments that aid to your long term health. Whenever possible, we try to avoid jumping to conclusions or advising unnecessary treatments. If there’s a way we can improve your oral health, without a procedure, we will discuss those options with you. And we are happy to discuss all your options with you. 

Preventative Dentistry Is Our Commitment

This is our commitment to you. While we love what we do, we know that you may not always love coming to see us. We try to make your visits as pleasant as possible while you are here. And we talk with you about various routines and treatments that can lead to better oral health, over the long term. 

If you have any questions about how you can improve your oral health, or want to make an appointment, contact us today

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