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What does the thought of visiting your local dentist bring to mind? Stress or stress relief? Too often, a dental visit is associated with discomfort, anxiety, and even fear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A visit to your local dentist can, in fact, be a comfortable experience and can even provide relief for daily stresses.

How to Have a Comfortable Visit to Your Dentist

If visiting your dentist conjures images of sitting in an uncomfortable chair or brings back unpleasant memories of past visits, be assured that your visit doesn’t have to be that way. Know before you go. Ask questions about what to expect. Will your visit include clearnings? Will you ned x-rays? Often just knowing what to expect can ease some of the anxiety associated with your visit. 

If this is your first visit with your local dentist, consider stepping into the office to speak with the front desk staff and to make your appointment. Seeing what the office looks like, knowing where to park and where to sit and wait, and having a general idea of what to expect can relieve some of the jitters on your appointment day. 

If you have sensitivities or will be receiving any kind of treatment, such as a filling, speak with the front desk staff and your dentist about pain relieving options. We want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout your visit, even during treatments. 

You can also ask about laughing gas or other anxiety relieving options. Many local dentists also offer televisions in the room or other distractions to help you feel calmer throughout your treatments.

Relieving Daily Discomfort

Do you carry your stress in your face, jaw, and neck? Do you grind your teeth or suffer from headaches from the tension? Your local dentist can help you determine the cause and look for personalized solutions. You may also discover that certain trigger points, or knots in your muscles, are sensitive to the touch and causing pain in your face or neck. These can be caused by tension or stress in your life.  If stress is putting strain on your face or jaw, you may want to explore Botox options at your local dentist. Botox can relax key muscles to relieve muscle pain and alleviate grinding or chewing strain. 

Preventative Dentistry

Seeing your local dentist on a regular basis can help relieve that nagging thought in the back of your mind that you should be taking better care of your oral health. Your dentist can give you a thorough and personal review of your oral health. And dentists who practice preventative dentistry techniques will provide honest and conservative advice, so you don’t feel pressured to undergo unnecessary treatments. 

If you have questions about stress relief at your local dentist, give us a call or contact us today

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