What to Look for in Mouthwash

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When you are brushing your teeth, how do you rinse? If you’re the type who prefers to use a mouthwash to feel thoroughly clean and ready to go, you will want to know what to look for. In addition, there are mouthwashes that can help your mouth with a number of aggravating or unhealthy conditions. Let’s explore the different options are on the market for a mouthwash or mouthrinse.

What Does It Do?

Mouthwashes on the market can tackle a number of conditions. On one hand, there are broad mouthwashes, often sold over the counter, that merely provide that clean feeling and taste that many prefer after brushing their teeth. However, there are also dozens of other mouthwashes that address specific conditions, including chronic bad breath, dry mouth symptoms, plaque build up, or gum disease and decay. There are also mouthwashes that can aid in teeth whitening or relief the pain of dry socket after oral surgery. Speak with your dentist about which type of mouthwash is best for you. She may recommend a specific type based on your unique needs.

Over the Counter or Prescription

There are many mouthwashes available at any chain drug store or department store. These over the counter options often address issues such as bad breath or can provide that minty fresh feeling. If you need a therapeutic mouthwash, with more targeted active ingredients, you should speak with your dentist. She can write a prescription for a mouthwash that might be more suited for you.

Look for the Seal

When you are shopping for an over the counter mouthwash, available just about anywhere you buy other oral care products, look for the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. In order to use this seal on their product, a manufacturer has to apply for acceptance from the American Dental Association. Mouthwashes or mouthrinses that can display this seal have passed a number of tests and their claims have been proven by the ADA’s scientists. In addition, the levels of chemicals used have to be shown not to cause any health concerns. The labeling and instructions should also be inline with proper use.

Not for Children

As most mouthwashes are labeled, they are not recommended for young children who may swallow too much of them and be sick or harmed by ingesting an excess of ingredients. When you are choosing a mouthwash or mouthrinse, you may want to look for one that you can easily store out of the reach of children and that has a child-proof lid.

Finding the Right Mouthwash for You

If you have questions about what kind of mouthwash you should be looking for and using, speak with your dentist. She can provide valuable information about which ones work best and which ones would be best for you and your family. Whatever you choose, keep it out of the reach of children and use according to the instructions.

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