The Making of Smiles Dental

“Hold the vision, trust the process”. That’s a quote I remind myself of often. The creation of Sigourney and Williamsburg Smiles was built on a vision. I knew we were building something beyond teeth.

Over the years, especially when in dental school, I enjoyed asking patients about their previous dental experiences. Many had fond memories of their former dentist, but many that did not hold such positive feelings had similar experiences. Some mentioned that they felt they were on a production line and their dental experience wasn’t personalized, and they felt rushed in and out. That was so surprising to me, letting someone do dental work on you is a personal and intimate experience, it doesn’t seem right to make it impersonal.

That is when my vision of Smiles Dental was born. I want every visit to my office to be more than an appointment, I want it to be an experience. Our core values revolve around 3 key points:

  1. Treating each patient as if they are family
  2. Providing education on oral health and prevention
  3. Creating an experience encompassing individualized care

Keeping true to our core values, we are doing dentistry differently. No more rushed exams and dental appointments, you will be known and heard. I want to get to know you. You’re so much more than a mouth to me. I don’t only want to know about your teeth – I want to know about you! Where you grew up, about your family and your children, and your goals and aspirations.

I’m also extremely passionate about education. I believe that when you are informed about your oral health, preventative dentistry, and treatment options – you will be empowered to make your decisions when it comes to your mouth. It is not my style to tell you “you need to brush more” or “you need a crown” and walk out of the room. I promise, when the situation arises, I will be there to answer all questions and provide preventative tips and ways to improve your dental health.

I could continue to go on and on about how our culture is different. We understand that dentistry isn’t one size fits all, and we are totally okay with that. If education focused, individualized care sounds like the dentistry you want to be a part of, I’d encourage you to give us a try.

I look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to the Smiles Dental Family.

Dr. Megan Timm

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