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If we’re honest, a visit to the dentist is not generally something people get excited about. And whether you’re making a kids dentist appointment or are an adult with negative experiences, you may not be looking forward to your visit. However, it is possible to have a comfortable visit to the dentist. Here are some tips for making your next visit a pleasant one.

Ask Questions Before You Go

This is especially useful for children who may not be accustomed to the procedures and tasks done at the dentist office. When you make the appointment, you can ask what you or your child can expect. Will there be a cleaning, x-rays, or exam? What will these entail?

You might also ask how long the appointment generally takes so you can get a sense of how long you will be sitting in the chair. If you or your child are particularly nervous, a quick visit to the office a few days before the appointment may relieve some fears of the unknown.

Talk About What Is Most Comfortable

As you are making a kids dentist appointment, you can encourage a comfortable experience by speaking positively about it. Assure your child that the dentist is there to keep their teeth healthy and to help them. Many children do best going into the room or sitting in the chair themselves, which builds confidence. Whether you are in the room with the child or not, encourage them with positivity. Phrases like “you’re doing great!” work well.

As an adult, speak up for what makes you the most comfortable. Something as seemingly insignificant as leaving your coat on or taking it off, or holding your purse or setting it down, may help you feel more relaxed. Advocate for yourself throughout the process and let your dentist or dental professional know if something is making you uncomfortable. Ask for alternatives or a moment to ease into a new situation. Even if it’s difficult to speak, raise a hand or make a noise to let your dentist know you need a moment to relax.

Stay On Top of Your Visits

Regular dentist visits can help take away the anxiety, and even some of the pain, from a dentist visit. By scheduling and keeping twice a year kids dentist visits, you can help it begin to feel routine – and soon your child will learn what to expect.

For you and your child, regular cleanings and checkups also keep your teeth and mouth healthy, potentially avoiding cavities and other discomforts down the road.

Addressing Dental Anxiety

If you feel particularly stressed or worried about your visit, we have solutions that may help. Speak with your dentist ahead of time to see what we can do to help you. We may have sedation, pain relieving or other anti-anxiety options that can calm you throughout the process.

We want your experience in our office to the best possible – for you and your children. We know that for many a trip to the dentist office can be anxiety inducing, but we also know it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Let us know how we can help make your next visit one you can almost look forward to.

Have questions about how we can make your next visit more comfortable? Contact us anytime at our Sigourney or Williamsburg offices.

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